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Robinson and Hanson offer a comprehensive range of high performing, readily affordable quality cushioning specifically designed for the mobility and rehabilitation market. This range is aimed at the wheelchair user and nursing home client, as well as the domestic customer. The Robinson and Hanson range is designed to meet the common classifications of risk, ie. Low risk/ comfort Medium risk/comfort High risk /comfort

Other classifications are designed for posture control, ie. Guidance ( undulating profile) Medium support ( more supportive profile ) High degree of support (aggressive profile) The posture control may be recognized as fore/aft or lateral (side to side ). All Robinson and Hanson products are designed and constructed using high quality components which meet or exceed all current quality and legal requirements as laid down by British standard and is fully compliant with English law under current health and safety legislation. The products are developed using the latest medical pressure mapping technology .

Linear cushions (flat)


Step 1

Most gains in peak pressure reduction may be achieved in the installation of a basic quality seat pad. This shows up to 75% reduction in peak pressures in the I.T. areas over having no protection ie. a wheelchair seat canvass.

Robinson and Hanson provide a quality inexpensive basic seat pad simply named STEP 1.

This product consists of a high grade reflex foam in a 2” thickness and is available in various standard sizes ie. 15”x16”/16”x16”/17”x17” 18”x16” (both larger and custom sizes are available on request). Each cushion is covered in a flexible vinyl machine washable quality cover. The flexibility of this material allows the cover and infill to more readily conform to the user’s shape and body contour, unlike more commonly used stiff and hard vinyls.

Optional extras include:-

High quality Dartex cover with heavy duty concealed zip (vapour permeable material)

Platilon interliner (vapour permeable inner barrier)

Non slip base (added posture control and security ) Weight Guide :- 15 stones (95kgs) on a typical 17”x17” cushion. Designs to accept higher loads and bariatric may be supplied on request or application

Step 2

A simple and easy to use product which comes in two levels of firmness, medium and soft .

Both versions use quality reflex foam as a support base, the medium for those who prefer a slightly more supportive and firmer “sit” and the softer material for the frail or elderly.

Each base is topped with an appropriate high quality memory foam to give greater protection from pressure to a client’s risk areas. The memory foam is designed to also offer protection from seams and creases in clothing and is specifically aimed at those who have been termed as medium risk by a clinician. Both versions use a 2” reflex base with a 1” memory foam top and are available in most common standard sizes 15”x16” , 16”x16”, 17”x17”, 18”x16” (other sizes and larger custom sizes are available on request).

Each cushion comes supplied with a ‘no nonsense’ vapour permeable cover. Please note all items comply with current quality and fire regulations.

Options available:-

High quality vapour permeable cover with a heavy duty concealed zip

Platilon liner

Non slip base

Weight guide:-

Step2 medium - 16 stone (102kgs) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

Step 2 soft - 14 stone (89kgs) on a typical 17”x17”

Step 3

The Step 3 cushion is aimed at the medium to high risk user. By using a base of high quality reflex support foam and employing a healthy 2” memory foam topper it allows greater submergence of the client giving a great surface area in order to dissipate the load presented to the cushion. This therefore decreases the peak pressures usually found in long term and inappropriate seating.

The product follows the Step 2 by coming complete with a ‘no nonsense’ vapour permeable cover, providing the opportunity to obtain a high performance product at a more affordable cost.

And like the Step 2 this is also available in two different levels of firmness ie. medium and soft

Options available:-

High quality vapour permeable cover complete with a heavy duty concealed zip

Inner platilon liner

Non slip base

Weight guide:-

Step 3 - medium 16 stone (102kgs) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

Step 3 soft -14 stone (89kgs) on a typical 17”x17” cushion